Surplus : A term used to describe excess inventory. This description is in the context of the retail department store supply chain.
Surplus merchandise originates from many sources. The U.S. government sells off everything imaginable.This is known as government surplus. This has different sources . Military , Postal , seized property,excess land .,This type of surplus is sold at auctions and liquidation sales.

Surplus can be found in the liquidation of retail merchandise. Closeouts, Overstocks
and Shelf pulls are 3 types of Retail surplus. This is new merchandise. Store Returns can be considered as retail surplus. Returns usually have problems. Returns , displays, scratch and dent merchandise are sometimes called salvage.

When buying pallets lots or truckloads of surplus closeouts, surplus overstocks, surplus shelf pulls or surplus customer returns understand the "condition " of the surplus merchandise you are buying. Know your source. Use caution and have patience. Surplus merchandise is allways avaliable. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN BUYING SURPLUS ELECTRONICS! Buy Returns Now Strongly advises against buying surplus electronics truckloads until you have a minimum of one year or 10 truckloads experience.

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